Regardless of whether you are in your own driveway or out on a job site, backing accidents happen at an alarming rate. A 360-degree inspection is one of the easiest ways to increase overall safety.

The average cost to repair damage from a backing accident is over $7,400. Fewer accidents lead to lower insurance rates and fewer wasted resources. The SW360 helps our clients avoid common, preventable accidents by providing that extra layer of protection and accountability.

The SW360 is easy to use and simple to install. Mount the SW360 receiver in the vehicles cabin, plug into the OBDII port, then simply attach both transmitters to the front and rear of the vehicle using an approved adhesive or mechanical attachment. That’s it! You are ready to hit the road!

From tractors and utility vehicles, to food trucks and minivans, the SW360 provides a level of safety coverage that saves money AND lives.

More than 500 PEOPLE are killed EACH YEAR by first movement vehicle accidents.

Protect Your Business

The SW360 helps your business foster a culture of safety and compliance. Completing a 360-degree walk-around of a vehicle decreases the chance of injuries, accidents, and unnecessary expenses.

  • Reduces the chance of costly repairs
  • Helps ensure 100% compliance
  • Limits the number of insurance claims
  • Prevents potential injuries to unsuspecting people or pets
  • Compatible with virtually all vehicles

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