Safety Walk 360 is a USA based company aiming to eliminate accidents that occur when drivers first move their vehicles or equipment.  We feel these accidents are the one of the most preventable accidents in the workplace.
  • SW360 incorporates 2 wireless buttons, one to be placed at the front passenger side, and one to be placed at the rear passenger side. The driver walks around the vehicle looking for obstacles and assessing the departure path. The driver presses the wireless buttons located on the vehicle. Once the wireless buttons are pressed the driver has 2 minutes to start the vehicle or the system will reset, forcing another walk around to be performed.
  • If the driver does not press the buttons before moving the vehicle, an alarm will sound repeatedly until the buttons are pressed.
Yes. We currently offer up to 8 buttons per vehicle. Any additional buttons must be purchased separately.

Installation can be done easily by yourself. The SW360 receiver is simply plugged into the OBDII port. Please allow 2-3 Minutes for the receiver to download the most recent update before proceeding. Attach SW360 wireless buttons to the vehicle in desired locations using supplied 3M 5952 VHB emblem adhesive (or similar), or by mechanical fasteners such as screws/rivets through the rear of the SW360 transmitter housing. Installation will take between .5-1 hour.

Safety Walk 360 will quote installation by one of our certified technicians at your request.

We utilize a VHB adhesive, this stands for Very High Bond. This is the same adhesive used to attach emblems and moldings on cars and trucks. Users can also use screws or rivets to attach the wireless buttons.  This adhesive will not cause permanent damage the vehicle.  The receiver does not require adhesives or screws for installation.

Once each transmitter button is pressed the receiver will chirp inside of the vehicle.
Safety Walk 360 will ship a new button to you as fast as we can. A bypass feature has been developed that allows drivers to operate the vehicle without the alarm constantly sounding.

This bypass feature is accomplished through the following steps.

  • Locate SW360 transmitter button still operable on the vehicle.
  • Press the transmitter button 10 times in 30 seconds. DO NOT rapidly press the transmitter button. There must be a short duration (1-2seconds) between presses.
  • Once 10 presses have been completed, the vehicle can be moved without alarming.

Each time the bypass feature is used, an event will be recorded on the dashboard.

Users can choose where they want their wireless buttons installed. The SW360 receiver acknowledges the amount of transmitter buttons per vehicle, not the location on the vehicle.
Temperature has a direct effect on the lifespan of the battery. Cold climates will lower the life of a battery. Moderate climates can see battery life of  3-5 years; we recommend changing them annually regardless of your geographic location. Always carry spare batteries in your vehicle glove box.
Each SW360 button uses a single CR 2032, just like a key fob for your vehicle. We suggest purchasing a high-quality battery. Studies have shown these name brand batteries perform much better in inclement environments.
No, we recommend that location to get the full 360 degree walk around. The end user can place the buttons wherever they choose.
Yes, provided the housing has not been compromised by installation on a curved surface or improper assembly of the wireless buttons top cover.
Yes. The method of installation must be constant 12V-24V. If users are installing the SW360 receiver using  a cigar lighter port adapter-OBDII, the user must confirm the port is constantly powered. Some vehicle manufacturers are now implementing a timer on  power supply duration for the cigar lighter ports. We also offer adapters for direct to battery installations. Please see the “Products” page for all adapters.

The receiver will enter a deep sleep mode when no activity is detected but will always allow incoming signals from the transmitter buttons.

Yes, Compliance data is reported to the SW360 Online Dashboard.
Safety Walk 360 has reached around the globe for the various elements needed to build our solution. All items excluding the PCB is manufactured and assembled in the USA.
Absolutely! Safety Walk 360 is given discounts for increased volume production. We want to pass the savings on to you!
Currently we have a 4 week lead time.